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Northern California – Insulate Blinds

DIY Bedroom Blinds Insulation | Easy Way to Insulate Blinds


Looking for a solution to insulate blinds in bedroom to reduce heat gain.


– Customer Quote – “We have a western facing sliding glass door in our master bedroom that gets full exposure to the sun, and yesterday temperatures reached over 90 degrees F. This room really heats up in the late afternoons during the summer. Last fall, I decided to coat half the blinds with the Energy Protect™ clear coat and leave the other half uncoated. With the sun hitting the closed blinds in the late afternoon, I could feel the difference in the amount of heat coming off of the backside of the blinds into our bedroom. It was much lower on the Energy Protect™ covered side. Energy Protect™ is terrific and has made our master bedroom more comfortable during the summer and reduced our cooling costs!” -Allwyn, Northern California – “How To” walkthrough attached in Case Study –
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Standout Results!

Energy Protect™ was able to reduce heat gain into south-facing bedroom making room temperature much more comfortable and lowering cooling costs.
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