Project Description

Oil and Gas Vessel Insulation Coating

Oil and Gas Vessel Insulation Ontario, Canada

Insulate and provide corrosion resistance to oil and gas vessels. Superior oil and gas vessel insulation that mitigated CUI.

Johnson Group Contracting in Ontario, Canada used Heat Shield™ High Heat thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coating to coat oil & gas vessels. The company was pleased to use a solution that was resistant to corrosion and mitigated corrosion under insulation (CUI), while standing up well to extreme environments, with a longevity of 5-10 years without needing replacement. Synavax™ Heat Shield™ High Heat coating proved to be an effective, durable, and long-term oil and gas vessel insulation.

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Standout Results!

Heat Shield™ High Heat provided the best solution to use for oil and gas vessel insulation that also prevented corrosion and mitigated CUI.

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