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Boiler Insulation Thermal Imaging

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation


A large paper manufacturer was looking for a solution for safe touch and insulation of their boilers. They needed a boiler insulation that would significantly reduce surface temperature and could be applied while equipment was in service.


During a recent boiler trial at a large paper mill, we showed the plant manager just how powerful our technology works. Even through heat was radiating around the small test patch where our EPX-H20 coating was applied on the end caps, which of course reduces the overall results, the thermal images below show that our coating resulted in a clear and substantial difference.

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Standout Results!

Heat Shield™ EPX-H20 was used to coat a boiler in a paper manufacturer. It provided an effective boiler insulation. Thermal imaging showed a drastic drop in temperature = 189.5F (105.3C) temperature reduction.
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