Project Description

Residential Application – Dallas, Texas

Rising Temperatures Creates Energy Issues in Texas


With a nationwide heat wave and rising energy costs, this homeowner was looking for an economical way to reduce the heat transfer into his attic, bring down the attic temperature and reduce the amount of energy consumption used for heating and cooling his home


Healthy House Paint™ by Synavax™ was used to coat the ceiling of the attic. The house was 4,000 square feet with an extremely high pitched roof line. The area of the attic was little over 3,000 square feet.

With the heat wave that had been experienced that year, the owner of the house put thermometers in the attic, monitoring the head through the day. During the later afternoons with the outside temperature at 104F, the inside of the attic was 143F!

The initial application covered 1/3 of the attic with 3 coats, and 2/3 of the attic with 2 coats. The crew returned two weeks later to apply the 3rd coat to the rest of the attic .

They noted the temperature outside was 103F ( it was 3 hours earlier than the first application and at the peak of the heat for the attic). The temperature was 101F, a 42degree drop from the uncoated temperature.

The team continued coating the duct work, the A/C units (which are in the attic) and the ceiling of the attic. With the third coat over the remaining 2/3 of the attic now completed, the applications and owner expect and even better heat reduction results.

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HealthyHouse Paint™ was used to reduced temperature in hot Dallas Texas by coating their 3,000 square foot attic. Healthy House Paint has zero VOC which makes it much better than traditional paint!

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