Florida School – Stay Clean & Energy Efficient Metal Roof

Roof stayed clean and free from mold and mildew reducing maintenance costs.


This Florida school needed a way to keep their white metal roof clean from mold/mildew to reduce maintenance costs, while also enhancing the energy efficiency to lower cooling costs.


An application trial of Crystal clear insulating and mold & UV resistant roof coating was done on areas of the white metal roof to prove the ‘stay clean’ and mold resistant capabilities of the coating.

The whole roof was cleaned and Crystal applied to certain areas. The photo above (and additional images in the PDF sheet) was taken 60-days after application. In both the closeup edge photo and the two larger roof area photos, the areas where Crystal was applied stayed white.

After 60-days, the dirt and mold had returned to the un-coated areas, but the Crystal coated areas remained clean.

Additionally, the coating provided thermal insulation to lower cooling costs.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Crystal clear roof coating kept the white roof clean and free of dirt, and mold/mildew. The product greatly reduces maintenance costs for cleaning, while also providing protection from heat, UV, and moisture.
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