Project Description

Seattle Museum of Flight | Stop Condensation and Moisture Damage

Insulation to stop condensation and moisture damage for historical aircraft

ISSUE: The Restoration Team working on the world’s first Jet Airliner (the DH Comet) needed a way to protect the aircraft, which sits on the grounds of the museum, from condensation and corrosion, while keeping the original look of the historical piece intact..

SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ Translucent PT insulation and corrosion prevention coating provided the perfect solution for an invisible thermal barrier, offering aircraft insulation that protected from corrosion and condensation.

“I am writing to personally thank you for your recent gift to the Seattle Museum of Flight’s de Havilland Comet Mk4C Restoration Project. The entire Comet restoration group wants you to know how grateful we are for your product and the kind spirit behind its gift.

The coating you contributed has already become an important part of our eventual exhibit. We have painted the interior of our aircraft’s forward passenger compartment’s skin, and have already seen the benefits of its protection through a significant reduction in condensation. When we have completed the entire project, the PT coating will be an important hidden addition to the ‘first Jet Airliner’ exhibit. The original interior skin finish was a revolutionary (for 1959) epoxy. It seems appropriate that we replace it with a revolutionary (for 2006) coating by Synavax…”

Yours truly,

Bob Hood
Project Manager Emeritus
de Havilland Comet Mk4C Restoration Project

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Standout Results!

Heat Shield™ PT clear insulation and corrosion prevention coating was used to preserve this historical aircraft while keeping the authentic and original look. It provided an excellent condensation control coating that also prevented moisture damage.
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