Lead Abatement of Reclaimed Wood

Lead Abatement of Reclaimed Wood | Second Line Frames, New Orleans


Second Line Frames


Needed to encapsulate any potential lead based paint on reclaimed wood being used to make picture frames without changing the distinct look of the wood.


Synavax™ LeadX™ clear lead encapsulation and protective coating

Coverage: 2-coats


  • Encapsulated surfaces for lead abatement
  • Allowed the beautiful colors and unique look of the painted wood to show through
  • Non-toxic, water-based, perfect for home products
  • Easy to apply and affordable

Second Line Frames sought to bring something beautiful out of a tragedy and also help support the rebuilding in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

They used wood siding salvaged from the homes destroyed by the hurricane to make unique and colorful wood frames. However to ensure they were safe from any lead, they needed a clear way to encapsulate them.

LeadX™ gave them an excellent solution and was easily painted over the frames without changing the beautiful look and vibrant colors.

The company name “Second Line” Frames comes from “a timeless New Orleans tradition – the colorful parade that follows a funeral procession to turn tragedy into a celebration of rebirth”. A portion of the sales went to assist in the rehabilitation of the hurricane affected neighborhoods.

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