Project Description

Residential Application – Sherman, TX – Home Insulation

Traditional insulation on a new home had projected electric costs at $450. Homeowner was looking to lower this expected cost with Synavax™ home insulation coating.

This new 4500 square foot home in Sherman, Texas was completed early in 2007. The architect projected a $450 monthly electric bill with traditional insulation being used. The homeowner decided to add HomeProtect™ into his new home specification, and had his contractor paint his interior walls and attic with HomeProtect™ Clear Coat for added insulation and protection from moisture and mold.

His electric bill hasn’t exceeded $190 a month since April of 2007. (*as reported by homeowner in January 2008)

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™ (formerly HomeProtect) was chosen as an additional home insulation, resulting in a reduction in home energy costs.

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