Project Description

Skylight Insulation – Tampa Port Authority

Effective Skylight Insulation | Kept heat and UV out without hindering the visible light transmission.

Heat gain through skylights increased cooling bills in the building. The Tampa Port Authority maintenance staff needed to find a solution for skylight insulation  that would still allow through most of the light, while improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Energy Protect™ was applied as a skylight insulation to reduce heat transfer and lower cooling costs. The coating only added a slight frosted look to the glass, while allowing through approximately 92% of the visible light. The coating reduced glare and damaging UV rays as an added benefit.

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™ was chosen to insulate the skylights of their building. They needed a way to create a thermal barrier while preserving the light transmission. Energy Protect was an effective and affordable skylight insulation. 

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