Project Description

Apartment Insulation

SooSung Residential High Rise Apartment Building Insulation

Looking for an alternate form of insulation for building envelope where application would not disturb current residents. Effective apartment building insulation.

The SooSung e-daum high rise apartments needed an effective apartment building insulation that could be applied on the exterior of the building to reduce energy costs and that would not cause occupant disturbance during installation.

Our patented Energy Protect™ clear insulation coating was applied to exterior of the apartment building. It allowed a protective layer of thermal insulation to be applied, without changing the look of the building. The exterior application allowed work to be done without requiring access to internal apartments and costly removal of walls. Energy Protect™ offered an alternative and cost effective way to insulate the apartment building, reducing energy costs and increase the thermal resistance of the building in all seasons.

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™(HomeProtect) was chosen to insulate the apartment complex. The interior was insulated while the look of the exterior was preserved. 

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