Project Description

Boiler Insulation to Safe Touch – South Africa

Boiler Insulation | Surface Temperature Reduced by -88.7C (-159.7F)


An energy management company needed a good solution for their clients for boiler and steam equipment insulation that would lower surfaces for worker safety and save energy at the same time.


During a recent thermal insulation trial on a boiler, our Distributor in South Africa illustrated the power of the Heat Shield™ EPX-H20 for an industrial energy management company.

The application was performed on a section of the boiler that was 148.2 C (298.8F) and the goal was to bring the surface to a safe-to-touch level. After a 6-coat application, the coating reduced the surface temperature to 59.5C (139.1F), more than reaching the goal to safe touch and also illustrating the insulating and energy saving benefits of the coating, as well as the ease of application to both flat and non-flat surfaces.

Coverage: 6-coats

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Standout Results!

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O provided a durable and easy to apply boiler insulation for worker safety that lowered the surface by over 159F (88C) with just 6-coats.  Estimated energy savings was 462.97 BTU/hr.ft2. Very significant!

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