Niceville Florida Case Study

Residential Tile Roof, Niceville, FL – Energy Savings & Protection

Energy costs reduced between 17% to 42% year over year, roof looks like new.


Roofs in Florida often need yearly pressure washing due to mold growth, and also suffer from UV fading of the roofing materials. This homeowner was looking for a ways to reduce his energy costs and keep his roof looking beautiful and mold free.


Crystal, clear insulating roof coating was used on the tile roof to both reduce energy costs and keep the roof clean, mold free, and resistant to UV rays, for reduced maintenance costs and added longevity.

Customer quote:

“My house was 12 years old when I had it painted two years ago. I had a couple of spray coats of Crystal roof coating applied to the roof. Results: Roof looks like new! The coating makes the color look more vibrant.

My neighbors actually thought that I had new tiles put on, but in fact coating with Crystal was just a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. There is no more staining due to mold, like my neighbors’ tile, which makes my roof a standout on the block.

My total monthly energy cost is down a minimum of 17% to maximum of 42% year over year!!! I did not expect that much.

Prior to having the coating applied, I had one section of my roof that received little to no sun light, and it needed to be power washed with diluted bleach once or twice a year due to heavy mildew and mold. Now there is none, that section looks just like the rest of the roof. Crystal exceeded my expectations!”

Thank You, Ed Tyler, Niceville, FL

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Crystal roof coating not only saved this homeowner between 17% to 42% on his energy costs, it also reduced his maintenance costs by keeping the roof free of mold growth, and also as a bonus made his slightly faded roof look like new again. Power protection combined with real cost savings.
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