University Lead Abatement Testimonial


Lead Abatement | University of Wisconsin-Madison


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Need to encapsulate lead contaminated surfaces on campus buildings that were under renovation to make them safe.


Synavax™ LeadX™ clear lead encapsulation and protective coating

Coverage: 2-coats


  • Encapsulated lead contaminated surfaces
  • Made buildings safe for inhabitants
  • Provided superior mold and UV resistance, keeping the building looking beautiful
  • allowed the original look of the brick buildings to show

The University of Wisconsin-Madison was renovating older buildings on campus and needed to abate lead that was embedded in brick and wood surfaces.

Removal wasn’t an option and so they turned to encapsulation as the best method to make the buildings safe for inhabitants.

LeadX™ clear lead encapsulation coating by Synavax™ offered them the only solution that would allow the beautiful historic look of the brick and wood to remain seen without covering it up.

They safely encapsulated the lead with LeadX™ and found the product very easy to use and also liked the the coating is water-based, non-toxic, and low VOC.

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