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LeadX™ is a clear lead encapsulating paint for easy lead abatement. This clear lead abatement paint safety and effectively encapsulates all types of  lead contaminated surfaces, such as lead-based paint, brick, wood, metal, and concrete with a safe, effective lead paint cover. LeadX™ is a clear coating, with a smooth matte/satin finish. This product has been approved by the New York Historical Preservation Office for use on historic buildings (see case study). (LeadX™ is the 2nd generation of our LDX lead encapsulation paint.)

LeadX™ is now available in white or custom tint! (Minimum 25 gallons for custom tint.)

This excellent product for lead paint abatement is easy to apply, and only requires a 2-coat application. There is a 20-year warranty for interior applications and a 5-year warranty for exterior applications of LeadX™ lead encapsulating paint.

Dual Safe-Coat Coverage 100% Lead Tested

Some brands need twice the coverage to do what LeadX™ can do in just two thin coats. LeadX™ Dual Safe-Coat coverage tests negative for lead, as tested over 100% lead concentration. We recommend 2 coats to ensure adequate mil thickness and consistent coverage rates for maximum safety.

Easy to Work With

Other lead based paint encapsulation products can be thick, difficult to work with, and cover the surface with a white or grey color. LeadX™ lead encapsulation coating allows the beauty or nostalgic look of the underlying surface to remain, while it acts as an effective lead remediation coating and lead paint cover. This is why our lead encapsulation paint has been used by museums, historical societies, reclaimed wood furniture designers, remodeling contractors, and many others looking for a clear lead encapsulating paint.

Added Benefits

Mold/Mildew Resistance – UV Resistance – Moisture Resistance

LeadX™ clear lead encapsulating paint is safe, water-based, low VOC, and environmentally friendly, which is one of the reasons it has been chosen by schools, Child and Family Services, the U.S. Navy, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and others looking for safe and eco-friendly lead based paint encapsulation or lead remediation.

Coverage Rate per Gallon:
450 S.F. @ 1 coat (4 mils/100 microns wet film thickness)
225 S.F. @ 2 coats (typical application)

Actual coverage rate may vary depending on surface texture.

All products are sold by weight, not volume.


List Price: $94.95 US per Gallon (Sold in 5 gallon containers)

Choose from Clear, White, or Custom Tint. (25 gallon minimum order for custom tint)


LeadX™ clear lead encapsulation paint has been thoroughly tested on solid lead blocks during in house controlled laboratory testing, and was shown to stop lead leaching through the surface, testing negative for lead on the clear lead paint cover surface.

Adhesion and pull apart strength were also tested per ASTM D-3359 (Result: 100% 5B) and ASTM D-4541 (Result: 2400-2450 psi).

LeadX™ lead based paint encapsulation coating has also been tested individually by many environmental remediators who have identified it as their lead paint abatement encapsulant of choice.

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Product Downloads

Download the data you need for your LeadX™ lead abatement paint project.

Product Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet | Product Brochure

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Gallon Size

5 Gallon


Clear, White, Custom Tint

Lead Testing

Passed – Tested over solid lead (100% concentration) with EPA-Recognized lead testing method

Mold Resistance: ASTM D5590 & G21

Passed – Zero or minimal growth

Adhesion: ASTM D3359

Passed – 100% 5B

Pull-Off Strength: ASTM D4541

Excellent – 2400-2450 psi

Flame Spread: ASTM E84

Class A

VOC Content

100 g/L (low VOC)


Water-based, environmentally friendly

Coverage Rate

225 S.F. (21 m2) per gallon at the recommended 2-coat application

3 reviews for LeadX™ Safe Encapsulation Coating | A CLEAR Lead Encapsulating Paint

  1. Customer Review Highlights

    “LeadX™, clear lead encapsulation coating was chosen to encapsulate lead and offered an environmentally friendly way to remediate lead contaminated brick in an older building being renovated for office use, which was affordable and easy to install.”
    -American Red Cross, Central Louisiana

  2. Customer Review Highlights

    “When the SeaBees at Pearl Harbor Naval Base needed to renovate older buildings for housing, they found only one available lead abatement coating that was clear. The LeadX™ helped them to contain the lead and make the building safe for inhabitants.”
    -Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii

  3. Customer Review Highlights

    “When tasked with finding a way to remediate lead on an historic building, architecture and engineering firm, Quad3, searched and found LeadX™ as a perfect solution. The coating had to be approved by the New York Historical Preservation office as it was going on buildings being renovated in the Susan B. Anthony Voters Block area of Rochester, NY. The coating was approved and provided a safe, clear, and effective encapsulation coating for this historical project.”
    -Quad3, architectural & engineering firm

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