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Our Sustainability Simplified™ solutions are making news! Enjoy recent stories below about Synavax and the impact that our patented technology is making in the field of sustainability and energy savings for industry, consumers, governments, and organizations. Click images below to access the linked content. We have provided links to PDF’s and/or webpages for the stories, where possible. Where there are any copyright restrictions, we’ve linked to the publisher’s site where you may request a copy of the article.

Print & Online Media

JCPL Buyer's Guide 2019


February 2019

“2019 Buying Guide”


Ready for All Weather

Tanks & Terminals

Autumn 2018

“Ready for All Weather”


Stopping Evaporation Losses with Thermal Insulation Coatings

Chemical Products Finder

February/March 2018

“Stopping Evaporation Losses with Thermal Insulation Coatings”


Healthy House Paint™

Construction & Electrical Contractors | PACE

October 2017

“Healthy House Paint™”

(Online Portal)

Insulation that Weathers Any Storm

Chemical Products Finder

August/September 2017

“Insulation that Weathers Any Storm”


Feature in Architect Magazine

Architect Magazine

June 2017

“Object of the Moment: Healthy House Paint™”


Synavax™ Releases Thermal Insulation Coating

Pump Engineer

February 2017

Synavax™ Releases Thermal Insulation Coating


Synavax™ Introduces Energy Protect™ Clear Coating

Green Lodging News

Jan 2017

Synavax™ Introduces Energy Protect™ Clear Coating


5 Advantages of Thermal Insulation Coatings

World Maritime News

Jan 2017

“5 Advantages of Thermal Insulation Coatings”


CRS Goals for Sustainability

Chemical Products Finder


“The Right Technology Can Help You Meet Several CSR Goals for Sustainability”

(Trade Journal)

Effective Boiler Insulation

Chemical Products Finder

Oct/Nov 2016

“Effective Boiler Insulation”

(Trade Journal)

Sustainable Manufacturer Network

Sustainable Manufacturer Network

September 2016



Walls & Ceilings Magazine - Skylight Insulation Coating

Walls & Ceilings Magazine

September 2016

“Skylight Insulation Coating by Synavax, Inc.”


Building Enclosure Magazine - Skylight Insulation Coating

Building Enclosure

September 2016

“Skylight Insulation Coating”


Press Releases

LeadX Clear Lead Abatement Coating

“Clear Lead Abatement Solution by Synavax is Effective, Protective, and Safe”

September 22, 2016

REITS Deploy Synavax Coatings

“REITS Deploy Nanotech Stay Clean Protective Coatings for Buildings by Synavax, Inc.”

September 16, 2016

Synavax coating helps cool hot buildings

“Synavax, Inc. Helps Cool Hot Buildings With Their Energy Protect Clear Insulation Coating”

September 12, 2016

Meet Corporate Sustainability KPIs

“Meet Corporate Sustainability KPIs Fast with Innovative Nanoscience Coatings”

September 11, 2016

UV Resistant Skylight Insulation

“Synavax Offers Skylight Insulation Coating to Solve Heat and UV Issues”

September 10, 2016

Accelerated Boiler Efficiency

“Sustainable Manufacturing Savings Accelerated with Efficient Boiler Technology”

September 9, 2016

Synavax posts nearly 100 efficiency case studies

“Synavax Posts Nearly 100 Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Case Studies”

September 8, 2016

Crystal Roof Coating for Stay Clean White Roofs

“Synavax Crystal Roof Coating Helps Keep White Roofs Clean and Energy Efficient”

August 25, 2016

Media Requests. Sustainability Simplified™.

Members of the media wishing to contact Synavax for stories on our company, technology, or for our technical expertise and input for an article, we welcome your requests below. We love to spread the word about the power of sustainability and nanotechnology.