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Industrial  and Manufacturing Case Studies 

South Africa Energy Management | Insulate Boiler for Worker Safety

Boiler Insulation to Safe Touch - South Africa Boiler Insulation | Surface Temperature Reduced by -88.7C (-159.7F) Problem An energy management company needed a good solution for their clients for boiler and

Narteks Textile – Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption

Narteks Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption - 47.5% Savings over 3 month trial Problem High energy consumption for polyester yarn dyeing process. Solution Synavax™ Heat Shield™ High Heat

Hospital Boiler Insulation | Heat Shield EPX-H20 Insulation Coating

Hospital Boiler Insulation | Heat Shield EPX-H20 Insulation Coating Lowered surface temperature by 94F (52.2C), estimated calculated energy savings of 241.06 BTU/hr.ft2. Problem Boiler insulation for a large hospital in the southeastern United

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation Problem A large paper manufacturer was looking for a solution for safe touch and insulation of their boilers. They needed a boiler insulation that would significantly reduce surface temperature and

Nuclear Facilities Insulation and Lead Abatement

Nuclear Facilities Looking for Insulation and Lead Abatement Nuclear Facilities Looking for Insulation and Lead Abatement Problem Multiple nuclear facility locations around the US were looking for coatings to provide surface protection from mold, lead

Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation

Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation Reduction in Steam Cycles, Regulating Color Fluxuations Problem Looking to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable. Solution Erenko, a textile manufacturer for

Middle East – Brine Purification Columns – Industrial Insulation

Middle East - Brine Purification Columns - Industrial Insulation Thermal Insulation and Surface Protection Problem Looking for surface protection and energy savings of Brine Super Purification Columns. The chemical manufacturing facility needed an

Fruitland Park, Florida – Biodiesel Refinery Storage Tank Insulation

Fruitland Park, Florida - Biodiesel Refinery Long Term Energy Saving and Corrosion Resistance | Steam Pipe and Fuel Storage Tank Insulation Problem Smart Fuels Florida, LLC needed an effective steam pipe and fuel storage

Seattle Museum of Flight | Stop Condensation and Moisture Damage

Seattle Museum of Flight | Stop Condensation and Moisture Damage Insulation to stop condensation and moisture damage for historical aircraft ISSUE: The Restoration Team working on the world's first Jet Airliner (the DH Comet) needed

Bandvulc Group – Tire Heat Exchanger Insulation

Bandvulc Group, UK - Heat Exchanger Insulation Achieved Temperature Difference Of 30C (86F) Problem Find a better solution for insulation of heat exchanger plates used on tire molds. Solution “Bandvulc Tyres Ltd. applied Heat

Turkish Textile Manufacturing Energy Savings

Turkish Textile Manufacturer - 30% Energy Savings/5 Months ROI Reduced process energy consumption between 30%-50% with ROI in 5 months. Problem Increase energy efficiency in textile manufacturing facility and lower excess heat into

Dyeing Machine Insulation – 20% Energy Savings

Henateks Textile, Turkey - 20% Energy Savings Insulation of textile manufacturing equipment - Reduced overall energy use by 20%. Problem Henateks, a textile manufacturer for Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and others was looking

Holiday Snacks Ltd. – Food Manufacturer

Holiday Snacks Ltd., Trinidad - Food Manufacturing Safe Touch Reduced oven, duct and fryer surface temperatures by 27F to 48.6F for safe touch, and lowered food manufacturing energy consumption. Problem Caribbean snack food manufacturer,

Illovo Sugar – Food Manufacturing

Illovo Sugar, South Africa - Equipment Insulation Reduced exterior temperature of their diffuser by 30C-35C / 54F-63F. Problem Illovo Sugar Limited is the largest listed sugar and alcohol manufacturer in Africa. They were

Galp Energia Refinery: Insulation & Corrosion/CUI Prevention

Galp Energia, Portugal - Oil & Gas Refinery Insulation and Corrosion/CUI Prevention Synavax™ coatings provide effective insulation and corrosion control that withstands harsh environment. Problem Galp Energia was looking for an effective way to

Manufacturer – Metal Wall Insulation

Manufacturer, Mexico - Metal Wall Heat Reduction Heat Shield™ Translucent PT reduces hot metal wall temperature by 27.2 degrees F / 15.1 degrees C and makes building more comfortable. Problem Synavax™ Mexico Distributor, Omnigenus

Sipetrol – Offshore Pipeline Insulation

Sipetrol, Argentine - Offshore Pipeline Insulation Insulation and corrosion prevention of offshore oil platform piping. Problem Sipetrol needed a solution for the pipelines on their AM6 offshore platform to reduce heat loss from

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Building Envelope Insulation

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok - Building Envelope Insulation Chosen as a Top Green Project by the Journal of Architectural Coatings Problem Long-term protection of aluminum panels which are to be used in a

Elasteks – Textile Energy Savings

Elateks, Turkey -Textile Energy Savings Elasteks realized a 51% energy savings after coating their dyeing machines with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O insulation coating. Problem Insulating machines that dye yarns and fabrics can be challenging

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