Increase Energy Efficiency

Three Great Ways to Keep Metal Buildings Cooler

When the summer sun hits, metal buildings can heat up fast and make working conditions inside pretty unbearable. Metal is an excellent conductor of heat, so when the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, a metal building can easily heat up past the 100 degree mark without proper HVAC. And even with

Incorporate Thermal Insulation and Protective Coatings into Your Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Many companies have corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have far reaching positive impacts. They’re designed to do things such as: Reduce energy consumption Lower carbon emissions Improve employee health and safety Employ sustainable packaging Reduce excess waste Lower water use In a nutshell, companies commit to running their

Chemical Industry Challenges Solved with Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Insulating Paints

When it comes to corrosion, chemical and petrochemical facilities have unique challenges. Chemical plants typically contain a wide variety of corrosive environments where not only moisture, but also a variety of chemicals, are present and create multiple challenges for asset protection. Insulating equipment is often necessary to keep chemicals at a desired

Heat Shield Coatings: The Perfect Solution for Insulating Large Tanks

One of the more difficult assets to insulate well are large tanks, such as those that hold fuel oil, process asphalt, or are used in chemical processing and more. The sheer size of the tanks, which can be multiple stories high, means there is a lot of area for heat loss or

3 Ways Energy Protect™ Can Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings have multiple areas where energy can be lost without proper insulation. These include walls, skylights, and ductwork. Each area has its own challenges when it comes to insulating to reduce heat loss Walls are difficult to add traditional insulation to in a retrofit situation, especially if they’re solid brick or

Operation-Friendly Insulation Coatings

One of the constant struggles of any manufacturing facility is how to perform equipment maintenance without disrupting operations. Certain types of activities can only be done while the equipment is shut down, and this generally requires waiting for pre-scheduled downtime. So if you’re losing energy and want to install a traditional wrap

Sustainability Accelerated: Insulate with No Downtime!

One of the factors that can delay facility energy efficiency improvements is downtime. If equipment has to be turned off and production stopped in order to insulate, that’s a big and costly inconvenience. This usually means that improvements have to wait for a short window once a year when the factory is

Tips to Lower Heating Bills with Energy Protect Insulation Coating

In many areas, the chill of autumn has already begun, with temperatures dropping close to freezing overnight then shooting back up during midday. This the perfect time to prepare your home or building for the cold months of winter and lock in lower heating costs before the really cold temperatures hit. The

Outdoor Tank Winter Preparation Tips

Winter weather brings unique challenges for facilities with outside tanks, such as water tanks, heated fuel oil tanks, asphalt tanks, and food processing tanks. The frigid winter temperatures often increase the risk for tank damage and emergency repairs. But this can be avoided if you prepare properly. Insulation is a big part

5 Ways to Reduce Costs with Synavax™ Coatings

Lowering costs is at the top of just about every facility manager’s list. When making decisions for improving energy efficiency and reducing waste, the goal is generally to do more and save more at the same time. Synavax™ coatings are uniquely suited to cost savings in a variety of areas in a